Shot blasting machines

Shot blasting machines

Shot-blast machines with closed circuit of blasting medium are machines designated for final floor preparation before industrial floorings, paints and other surfaces are laid. The system is composed of two parts-blasting machine and filtration device. The shot-blast machine blasts the surface in stripes as big as an open blasting head, which differs in accordance with the type. Integral part of the system is a fully automated filtration device, which ensures the whole blasting process dust-free. The system is characterized by rugged structure that provides high machine performance. Sophisticated use of appropriate operating elements makes system servicing easy and simple.

Shot blasting machine LTS 250S CULOMET

Shot-blast system designed for large scale of customers can be-thanks to its output- used for smaller and medium-sized surfaces. Past has shown that this type of shot-blast machine is of the most general-purpose when used for common blasting operations.
The system consists of mobile horizontal blasting machine with closed circuit of the blasting medium and a blasting head width of 250mm. It blasts this area with the help of steel pellets cast against the foundation by particularly designed spinner broadcaster, which is driven by 7,5kW electromotor through gears. Travelling mechanism, which transmits torque onto the travel front wheel, ensures smoothness of operation. The machine excels in a good manoeuvrability. To ensure dust-free environment during the operation, there is a permanent exhaust plant with fully automated filter cleaning with no interruption of exhausted airflow. Connection between the machines is provided by an abrasion resistant flex hose and an electric cable. Despite their rugged structure both machines enable easy and safe motion in the constructions. All controls are designed so that machine servicing is easy and simple.

Shot-blast machine
Working width: 250 mm
Motor output: 7.5 kW /32 A
Tension: 3 x 400 V /50 Hz
Work output: 80 m /1 hour.
Size LxWxH: 1700 x 440 x 1050 mm
Weight: 200 kg

Exhaust plant
Suction output: 30 000 l /1 min.
Number of filters: 5
Filter cleaning: by automatically compressed air
Rated power: 6.0 kW
Container volume: 60 l
Size LxWxH: 1670 x 1400 x 850 mm
Weight: 185 kg

Shot blasting machine LTS 400S CULOMET

Powerful shot-blast machine for medium-sized and large surfaces. The width of a blasting head 400mm together with a powerful electromotor enables the machine to obtain optimum output when blasting concrete asphalt and steel surfaces. The base of the machine is 11kW electromotor, which drives a centrifugal spinner broadcaster and this one casts abrasive material against blasted surface. After return, dust is removed from the blasting medium, which is automatically used again in a closed dust-free process. Travelling mechanism with possibility to regulate and reverse placed on the front travelling support serves to ensure smooth motion of the shot-blast machine.

To provide permanent dust-free environment, filtration device with automatic cleaning of filter cartridge is attached to the machine. As a part of the filtration device there is also a waste container, which is emptied by an attendant.
On both machines all controls are thoughtfully placed in such a way that they are easy and accessible for the attendant. To ensure easy motion, both machines are equipped with high quality travelling wheels.

Shot-blast machine
Working width: 400 mm
Motor output: 11 kW /32 A
Tension: 3 x 400 V /50 Hz
Work output: 120 m2 /1 hour.
Size LxWxH: 2000 x 540 x 1150 mm
Weight: 380 kg

Exhaust plant
Suction output: 45 000 l /1 min.
Number of filters: 8
Filter cleaning: by automatically compressed air
Rated power: 6.0 kW
Container volume: 120 l
Size LxWxH: 1830 x 850 x 1580 mm
Weight: 240 kg