Floor scarifiers

Floor scarifiers

LTFR 200-300 are highly professional machines in their category designed on the basis of a multiyear experience and development in the branch. A lot of these machines gain ground in the whole industrial branch and detailed work in civil engineering, from housing development up to exacting preparation of industrial flooring realizations. The machines enable machining possibly all types of horizontal surfaces. Great emphasis is placed on easy servicing and simple, nearly free maintenance.

Floor scarifier LTFR 200

The smallest of a series of floor scarifiers is equipped with scabbling cylinder of working width 200 mm along with 4 rows of scabbling segments. Simple manual operation allows great maneuverability of the machine. Despite the size, it will surprise you by its performance. It is intended for covering smaller areas and thanks to its low weight can be applied in hard accessible places of the building site. It can be used for scarifying of concrete, asphalt, natural stone, removing adhesives, lacquers and for roughening too smooth surfaces. Ideal as an auxiliary machine for other ways of surface preparation (blasting, grinding).

Working width: 200 mm
Distance from wall: 40 mm
Working depth: 0-5 mm
Engine: electromotor 400V, 2,2 kW
Size LxWxH: 1165 x 1280 x 330 mm
Weight: 90 kg

Floor scarifier LTFR 250

General-purpose floor scarifier of medium class designated for milling medium-sized surfaces. It mainly serves to mill screeding, structural concrete, asphalt, natural and artificial stone, etc. The base of machine is made of a cylinder with 6 lines of scabbing segments, which is driven through gears by a powerful electromotor. The cutter can be used handheld or it is possible to order it with electric or fluid drive of travelling wheels. Using the travelling mechanism, regular treatment of the mechanided area will be achieved. Comfortable servicing with possibility of continuous machine speed regulation.

Floor scarifier LTSH 300

Fully professional floor scarifier excelling in high output designated for heavy preparations of concrete, stone, asphalt surfaces, etc. With its rugged structure and high output it is designated for milling large surfaces. The machine is equipped with a drum with 5 lines of large scabbing segments and is driven by a powerful 11kW electromotor. It is designed for continuous operating in the toughest constructional conditions. To ensure regular milling mesh it disposes of a hydraulic travelling mechanism with speed regulation. All components used are of a rugged structure in order to ensure long operating life and failproof of the machine. Sophisticated use of various controls makes machine servicing easier and more comfortable. Also, to replace a scabbing cylinder takes only a few minutes. Every machine component is highly elaborated and simple at the same time. During operations the machine is stable and in spite of its weight and massiveness easy to handle.

Weight: 315 kg
Size LxWxH: 1530 x 580 x 1240 mm
Mesh width: 300 mm
Wall distance: 80 mm
Mesh depth: 0 - 8 mm
Drive: electromotor 3 x 400 V, 11 kW
Hydrostatic travel forth and back with possibility to regulate work speed.